purchase reward programs


Every time a friend or loved one opens an account using your invitation link, you both will receive $50 Do Good dollars to donate to the charitable cause of your choice. Together, you can Do Well and Do Good! With a referral, this gets you $50 cash and $25 Do Good dollars to donate when you join them on Aspiration and spend $250!


Pogo the free smartphone app will pay you every time you swipe your card. Cash Out To PayPal and Venmo. Get paid to shop through Amazon, Walmart and your other favorite retailers and earn cash back when you swipe your debit card. Link as many cards as you want and redeem your points for cash. Use referral code for a bonus when you download.


When you use the app for a few days to determine you’re a real person, and not making fake accounts, you each get $1.75. Use a referral link, download the app, upload a receipt, and you get your referral reward. ***Currently, the referral program is not available.


After you download the app, link a card and spend as you normally would. On top of all the credit card perks, you get additional cash back through the Pei app. It's just an extra way to make some more passive income.


Share link with friends and you’ll both receive $10 off your next purchase of $50 or more


$20 worth of free gift cards just for signing up using referral link + you get 4-5% cash back per purchase, so this is definitely worthwhile.

Times club

Get $8 for signing up with referral code, plus another $5 for linking bank account


You get $5 gift card just for signing up. Refer 5 people receive $50 gift card when they enroll in bitmo perks

Cash Rewards

You recruit someone, they buy something worth $20 or more, and you both earn $10 each.